Become a Pro | How to Play Online Sabong with Confidence

The COVID-19 pandemic has made online sabong more popular. People who used to bet on cockfights are now doing it online because they have to stay home. Just like regular cockfights, online sabong involves betting on two roosters with metal spurs. They fight until one can’t continue or dies.

How to play online sabong

Playing sabong is easy, but watching a match might be confusing for some. They may not get what’s happening. To learn how to play online sabong, you just need to know the rules, some terms, and how to place bets.

Decoding the Meaning of “Meron” and “Wala” in Online Sabong

In Online Sabong, you mainly choose between “Meron” and “Wala.” Despite trends changing quickly, the popularity of “Meron o Wala” in Online Sabong has stayed strong in recent months, even outshining other activities nationwide.

Decoding the Meaning of Meron and Wala in Online Sabong

Social media influencers played a big role in this trend. They enthusiastically endorsed and shared their earnings from playing “Meron o Wala.” Before this version, the well-known bloodsport was simply called “Sabong.”

Let’s talk about the two types of bets:

  • Meron or Llamado Bets: This is a bet on the favored or “llamado” rooster. Some bookmakers might offer good odds for the favorite, causing some cockpits to place underdogs on the “meron” side.
  • Wala or Dejado Bets: This is a bet on the underdog or “dejado” rooster. Some bookmakers might offer low odds for the underdog, leading some cockpits to place favorites on the “wala” side.

The payouts for both meron and wala bets depend on whether the rooster is favored (llamado) or the underdog (dejado). The payout for a draw bet is typically set at 8.00, making it potentially profitable if an uncommon draw happens. The significant difference in payouts is because it’s more likely for one rooster to win and the other to lose than for both to end in a draw.

Minimum Bet Amount

The minimum bet can vary depending on the platform and sabong gaming provider. For example, when using Sabong Philippines’s DS88 provider, the minimum bet required is 20 PHP. Keep in mind that different platforms may have different minimum bet requirements for sabong betting.

How are Online Sabong Games Conducted?

In the world of cockfighting, online cockfighting, also known as “Sabong” or “E-Sabong,” has gained significant popularity. Some skilled individuals can even make a living from it. The interesting part is that now, “sabungeros” (those who raise and fight roosters) can place bets in the Sabong Philippines Casino without worrying about physical harm.

How are Online Sabong Games Conducted

Here’s how it works: Two chickens are placed in a ring, and players bet on the one they believe will win. Traditional cockfights in local cockpit arenas are supervised by the local government unit. On the other hand, online Sabong, or E-Sabong, is regulated by the PAGCOR, according to information from the Department of Justice and the Office of the Solicitor General.

What does “Ulatan” mean in Sabong?

In Sabong, “Ulatan” is like a faceoff or comparison between the two fighting birds before they match up, similar to a “tale of the tape” in other competitive situations. This faceoff involves comparing the physical traits of the gamecocks, like weight, wingspan, and height. The aim is to make sure the birds have similar attributes, ensuring a fair and balanced competition.

What does Ulatan mean in Sabong

Additionally, the knives or blades used in the fights are usually fixed to the left legs of the birds. These blades can have one or two edges and come in different sizes. Depending on the agreement between the owners, blades can be attached to the right leg, left leg, or even both legs of the gamecocks.

Ruweda in Sabong Derby: Understanding the Significance

After the ruweda, the birds are prepared for their entry into the arena or cockpit. To help fans and bettors understand the birds’ temperaments and make informed bets, the owners showcase their gamecocks in the ring.

Ruweda in Sabong Derby Understanding the Significance

The rules of the fight are then announced by the casador, who acts as the announcer. The referee, also known as the sentensyador or koyme, not only oversees the match but also serves as the sole judge to determine the winner. A third party, called a kristo, collects wagers from the audience. While some kristos use handwritten records, many rely on memory to recall the rules and payout details.

Sabong Fights Begins

After bets are made and conditions are set, the birds are brought into the arena for their duel. They interact by pecking at each other with their beaks and using the blades attached to their legs to slash.

Sabong Fights Begins

No appeals are allowed; the referee ends the fight when there is a clear winner. Contrary to common belief, sabong matches usually don’t end in one bird’s death. Typically, the losing bird survives the match but is often euthanized later due to its injuries. Additionally, the winning bird might also sustain fatal injuries during the confrontation.

Initiating Online Sabong Betting: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting started with online sabong betting involves the following steps:

Initiating Online Sabong Betting A Step by Step Guide
  • Visit Sabong Philippines or another online casino/sabong betting website.
  • Register for an account.
  • Optionally, download the Sabong Philippines mobile app.
  • Add funds to your account.
  • Find the sabong betting section.
  • Start your betting.

It’s important to note that entering sabong betting is different from learning how to play online sabong matches. Beginners might feel unsure about the proceedings of sabong matches, so it’s advisable to understand the gameplay.

Experienced bettors are likely familiar with the match dynamics, but exploring tips for winning in sabong matches can enhance their experience and increase their chances of winning real money.

How to Play Online Sabong FAQs

“Meron” and “Wala” are betting options in online sabong. “Meron” is a bet on the favored rooster, while “Wala” is a bet on the underdog. Social media influencers have contributed to the popularity of these terms in recent months.

The minimum bet amount varies depending on the platform and sabong gaming provider. For example, using Sabong Philippines’ DS88 provider, the minimum bet is 20 PHP. Different platforms may have different minimum bet requirements.

Online sabong involves placing bets on rooster fights conducted in a virtual arena. It is regulated by PAGCOR, as opposed to traditional cockfights supervised by local government units in physical cockpits.

Sabong matches involve roosters pecking and using blades attached to their legs. The referee declares a winner, and contrary to common belief, matches usually don’t end in one bird’s death. The losing bird may be euthanized due to injuries, and the winner might also sustain injuries.

Yes, entering sabong betting involves placing bets, while learning to play online sabong matches requires understanding the gameplay. Beginners may benefit from grasping the dynamics, while experienced bettors can explore tips for enhancing their experience and winning real money.


In conclusion, the surge in popularity of online sabong during the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed traditional cockfighting into a virtual and accessible form of entertainment. Understanding the betting options, rules, and rituals involved in sabong, both online and offline, is crucial for both beginners and experienced bettors seeking an immersive and confident experience. As enthusiasts navigate the world of virtual rooster matches, the blend of tradition and modernity in online sabong continues to captivate audiences, offering an engaging alternative to the age-old sport.

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